Learn To Decorate Like A Designer

Sun Room by Alison Leigh Designs

Learn how to decorate like a designer with my free and advanced decorating courses.

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  • Selecting A Color Scheme For Your Home- Lesson 1
  • How To Select Furniture- Lesson 2
  • Furniture Placement - Lesson 3
  • Arranging and Hanging Your Pictures - Lesson 4
  • Decorating the 5th Wall - Lesson 5
  • Buying The Right Window Treatments - Lesson 6

Advanced Decorating Courses (Coming Soon)

In the Advance Decorating Courses you will learn the fundamentals of Interior Design, elements and principles of design and color theory.

Examples of upcoming courses:

Fundamentals of Interior Design
Lighting (creating moods in interiors with light)
How to become an Interior Designer
Starting a Interior Design Business