How Does E-Design Work


Step 1: Click Link To My Designer Page

Select your e-design package. You will be taken to a questionnaire.

Step 2: Purchase Your Design Package.

The system will then ask what room you would like to design (ie.. living room, dining room, ect...) afterwards you will be sent to a Purchase Page. Payment must be received before the design phase can begin.

Step 3: Send photos and Measurements of room. 

After purchasing a room design package, you'll provide details about your room and budget, likes and dislikes, and upload your room photo's, measurements, and inspiration pictures.(see below how to measure and take pictures).  I will message you within 24 hours and the design phase will begin.

Sample of Design Form:

How To Draw A Floor Plan:

The floor plan can be a simple and hand-drawn. Please include dimensions like ceiling height, doorways, windows and any important architectural elements.

How To Take Pictures Of Your Room:

Pictures can easily be taken with your cellphone or any camera of your choosing.
A. Stand in front of each wall and take a picture of the opposite side of the room.
B. Then stand in each corner of your room and take a picture from each angle. 
Upload all your photos from your phone or computer to my design platform.